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The way to our success is by putting our mind and soul in what we do. Scolarest is part business and part passion. Together we can make things happen, make a difference!

Achieving excellence

Creating opportunities each day, achieving excellence in everything we do, developing characters. We are thinking beyond our industry’s limitations, we innovative!

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8B Soldat Ilie Serban Street, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4021.210.78.82
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Scolarest Romania

Do you want to become our partner? Follow us and find out what innovative, responsible and solution-oriented catering services we have for schools.

With us your children will enjoy a wide variety of fresh, seasonal and nutritious food creations that combine different cultures and cooking methods with the local flavors. Our proposal: fusion in a plate that is delightful for the eyes and delicious for mind and soul!

We are a trendsetter and a responsible partner for schools! Let us build together the path to excellence!



Our passion for healthy, good food and the desire of schools to provide pupils with nutritious meals and snacks is what makes this partnership fruitful. Our nutritionists take into consideration both pupils’ needs and schools’ uniqueness. Our goal is to create an exclusive experience in a plate that is appealing to every taste. FRESHNESS – VARIETY – NUTRITION



We aim to constantly inform our partners: schools, parents, and children about the benefits of the healthy eating and living concepts. Throughout our regular training courses and workshops we are making sure that these notions are up to date and well understood by all parties involved. We are working closely with nutritionists for reliable advice which is an important source of added value in our services.



At Scolarest we are constantly aware that we have a moral obligation to reduce the environmental and economic impact of our activities to a minimum. By teaching others, about healthy eating habits, we are focusing as well on our social role. This is why Scolarest is a responsible partner. We care about sustainability, about responsible, healthy living as we want to create a bright future for present and next generations.


Scolarest Values

Why choose Scolarest

  • Transparency, openness, and integrity;
  • Innovative, responsible and solution-oriented services;
  • Time-effective, cost-effective;
  • Freshness – variety – nutrition principle;
  • Health and safety above all.
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